Summer Sample 2017

by Ghoularotti

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Summer Sample 2017 [FULL LENGTH COMING SOON]


released April 15, 2017

Sample is full DIY.
Recording and mixing done by Yosh.
Album photo taken by Sonia Murillo
Model: Ashley Guerrero



all rights reserved


Ghoularotti Houston, Texas

Oscar - Vocals
Yosh - Guitar
Otep - Bass
Gino - Drums

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Track Name: Universal Remote
this instance I thought that I would prevail 

so many would look up to look down on me 

how could I be wrong, so fucking wrong

my bets on a current congestion unfound

where’s this earnest help

in this exigence 

it’s universally applied 

true lessons learned only when off the level 

acrid enough it’s the unequaled way 

how could I be wrong 

so fucking wrong 

I’m stuck in nothing so there’s no way out

take what is given 

push back discovery 

take all you’re given 

you know nothing more
Track Name: Kaiju
collar bag black legs reply with esoteric croaks 

get what you will from her while all wit destitute 

running loving trusting nothing glutton for punishment 

mismatched rick rack smoke stack factions amalgamate 

yearning and deserving take the place of bird and face 

antediluvians recrudescent villain 

deficit denial analogous to harbor silence 

antediluvians atavistic prison

resonate to this day

virgin in vermin out 

assume the exhumed unbinding fossils in your backyard 

at any rate 

they wade in the drain 

mountain eye that won’t let in on its side 

desensitized detection teaching the wrong lessons 

blush to burn bone marrow divide 

I read you loud and clear 

we both have what's best for the other  

just take the time to take their side in mind 

half crescent cutting clean

cover up

reverberate, propagating maimed ghosts 

plastic surgeon accuracy 

mitigates but only for the time being

adamant lament defense it generates 

cough up stuff snub proboscis 
Track Name: Refrigerate After Opening
you disaster prone fold 

stuffed and packaged for a fool 

like me

versus the house 

you always lose 

pick me up 

leave me comatose 

so one has come 

so one has vouched for you 

that someone endowed that someone in all of us

number one come forth 

turn and face the front 

soon an excursion forced call 

will escape relinquish an echo 

and its time (we cash in)

sit rep siamese cyclist 

use only as directed 

instructions are weapons 

in debt family tree nihilist 

use only as directed

traditions are weapons 

destructive, malicious 

hissing gizzards twisting ribbon

coat the chopping block 

voiding every contribution to the mother's club

vested interest nepotist 

keep em wired shut